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Cocoa biscuits Magic Brownie

Extremely crunchy biscuits with a delicate but full-bodied flavor that melt in the mouth by themselves.

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Try our classics! Incredibly fragile and delicate wafers filled with velvety, cocoa filling.

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Fall in love with our gingerbread cookies! Discover the full aroma, feel the spicy fragrant spices, feel the amazing softness of the dough. Share the gingerbread heart with your other half.

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Chococool Cream

Our Chococoll cream is recommended to every biscuit lover. Try the unique combination of a shortbread biscuit with a velvety cream cream and delicious chocolate.

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About drGerard

Since 1993, we have passionately worked and incessantly grown to bring your favorite cookies to you.

At dr Gerard, we know everything there is to know about cookies. Our staff have vast experience in a variety of fields from technologies to trend analysis. They strive to ensure our products live up to the highest quality standards. Their efforts have enabled us to obtain quality certificates from international accrediting organizations (BRC, IFS, HACCP). Our sweets specialists keep a close eye on market trends and develop new recipes accordingly.

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2 production sites

in Międzyrzec Podlaski and Radzyń Podlaski

Full range of products

over 200 different biscuits and salty snacks

International sales

in more than 30 countries which import our cookies

Fully automated production

24 automated production lines

Environment, community, management

We operate in accordance with the ESG principles

We focus on compliance with environmental, social and management regulations. We constantly strive to continuously improve our performance in relation to ESG topics.

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